Vs. East Longmeadow, Cathedral, Longmeadow

Thanks again to Peter Cassebeer for the pictures!

(top: Laura J and Vickie in the 1000. middle: Marissa and Jill in the 1000. bottom: Emily in the 300)

Final Results:

2 Mile:
Vickie Cavanaugh 13:12.2 (1st overall)
Jill Bigos 13:12.8 (3rd overall, 2nd vs. E.L, 2nd vs Cathedral, 3rd vs Longmeadow)
Marissa Lapointe 13:17.1 (4th overall, 3rd vs Cathedral, 3rd vs EL)

55 Meter Dash:
Emily Coughlin 8.5 (3rd vs EL, 3rd vs Longmeadow)

Laura Jedrzejewski 5:57.0 (3rd overall, 2nd vs longmeadow, 1st vs cathedral, 1st vs EL)
Katie Parsons 7:54.8 (3rd vs cathedral)

300 Meter Run:
Emily Coughlin 49.0 (not sure how accurate this is; I had Emily in 51.3 or so)(3rd vs EL, Cathedral and Longmeadow)
Katie Parsons 62.2

1000 Meter Run:
Laura Jedrzejewski 3:33.3 (2nd overall, 2nd vs Longmeadow, 1st vs cathedral and EL)
Vickie Cavanaugh 3:46.5 (2nd vs EL, 3rd vs Cathedral)
Marissa Lapointe 3:47.3
Jill Bigos 4:01.8