Best Performances of the past 25 years

The following list is a compilation of the best performances on the track (indoors or outdoors) for the past 25 years.

Times and Distances with a "#" symbol are (to the best of my knowledge) school records.

(unless an indoor site is noted, times for the running events were set outside)

55 meter dash:(conversion from hand time to FAT time is +.24 seconds) 55 meter hurdles: 100 meter dash: 100 meter high hurdles: 200 meter run: 300 meter run: 300 meter low hurdles:
  • 400 Meter Low Hurdles:
  • 400 meter run: 600 meter run: 800 meter run: 1000 meter run: mile: 3000 Meters: 2 mile: 5000 Meters (track): 4x50 Yard Shuttle Hurdle Relay: 4x100 meter relay: 4x200 meter relay: 4 x 400 meter relay: 4 x 800 meter relay: Sprint Medley(200,200,400,800): Distance medley(1200, 400, 800, mile): 4x1600 Meter Relay Shot put: Long Jump: Long Jump Relay:
  • High jump: Triple Jump: Triple Jump Relay:
  • Discus: Javelin: Pole Vault: Heptathlon: Top Scores. Jessica Pikul (class of 2000) belongs on this list as well for a Heptathlon that she did in June of 1999, but I do not have her results